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From left to right - Robert Hinman, Kim Grant, William Russell, Bonnie Baker-Hicks, Todd Overturf

Meeting Schedule

The Kings Board of Education holds regular monthly meetings at 6:30 p.m. the third Tuesday of every month at the Kings Education Center, 1797 King Ave., in Conference Room 2 on the second floor.

Visitor Participation

The Kings Board of Education welcomes and encourages visitors to participate in their meetings. The board president will recognize anyone who wishes to speak during the 'Public Presentation' portion of the meeting. Once recognized, you will have three minutes to address the board. Please make sure to sign in so that the board president knows to call on you.

If your question can be answered immediately, it will be. However, if time is needed to study the issue, the Board or a school district administrator will return an answer to you as soon as possible.