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Community Service Grad Requirement

Posted on: October 23, 2017

For the past two months, Kings High School has undergone the transition to a new platform sponsored by Purposeful Networks to record community service hours.  As a graduation requirement, Kings’ students are required to log 50 hours of service with a minimum of one-half of those hours earned from a non-profit not associated with Kings Local School District.  For more details about the program, please check out our school website:

All students should have a service profile activated at My.InnerView.Org .   Ask your child to see his/her service profile.While at the site, students can check out the Inspiring Service Awards that they can earn throughout the year.

Starting on November 1, 2017, only hours that occur within the month of service will be verified.  The beauty of the new system is that it is instant recording.  The students serve and upload their hours to their profile right from their phone at some point during the event.  If they are doing an extended service project over several weeks or repeated weekly, they should record one entry to their profile at the end of the month with the description telling the frequency and duration of their service.

A few reminders for students when uploading hours:

    1)  Description must reflect what work was completed for the non-profit agency.

    2)  A picture is required to upload.  Capture yourself making a difference!

    3)  Supervisor information is required (name, agency with title, phone or email needed).

    4)  Your own parent can’t be the supervisor contact.  Please have someone else in the agency that knows what work you did listed as your supervisor.

Remember this is a service profile that will follow you outside of Kings High School.  Make it meaningful to you and a good representation of the work that you have done.