Kings High School News

Informing Parents About a Positive Covid Case

Posted on: November 13, 2020

If we are informed about a positive case of Covid-19 at KHS, this is the procedure that we follow, step by step:

1.  We follow the schedule of the student with the positive case  and check seating charts to see who may need to quarantine

2. We check attendance of all students who may need to quarantine to see if they would have actually been in contact with the student. 

3.  We communicate with students/parents of the students that need to quarantine (Our district Contract Tracer Mrs. Salek will inform all students). 

4.  We send an email home (via the Parent Progress Book account) to inform parents that a student with a positive Covid-19 case was in your child's classroom or on your child's bus

5. We will send an email home (via Final Forms) to the entire school notifying everyone that there was a positive Covid-19 case at KHS.