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Kings Board of Education Goal Setting and Communication Work Session

Posted on: September 14, 2016

The Kings Board of Education met on Tuesday, September 13. with Steve Horton, Board Services Consultant from the Ohio School Boards Association, in a Work Session to discuss Goal Setting and Communication.

Mr. Horton talked about the roles and responsibilities of a board member, the chain of command, triangle of leadership, and creating trust among the board members. He also discussed the importance of establishing goals and objectives.

The Board learned the process of developing goals and creating a board mission. Mr. Horton instructed the board to create a vision that keeps an eye on the future. 

The Board met with Mr. Horton for three hours during the morning. They will be working together, along with Kings Superintendent Tim Ackermann and Treasurer, Shaun Bevan in the near future, to create their goals and mission.

To view Mr. Horton's presentation click here