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Kings Local School District Service Plan

To receive gifted service in the Kings Local School District, a student must:
Score at or above the 95th percentile on a state approved achievement test in reading and/or math. 

Gifted Services per grade level:

Grades K-4: Students identified as gifted in grades K-4 (as either superior cognitive ability or specific academic ability) are served in the regular classroom through differentiated instruction. 

Grades 5-6: Gifted services in grades 5 and 6 are provided in reading and mathematics. In language arts and mathematics, gifted identified students are invited to participate in accelerated math and language arts classes in grades 5 and 6.

Grades 7-12: Gifted services at these levels include accelerated math, accelerated language arts, honors classes, and AP classes.

NOTE: The state of Ohio mandates gifted identification but NOT gifted service.

To opt out, fill out the Gifted Non-Participation Form



Gifted Program FAQ's 

What Gifted Services are available at Kings?
What is the District's Policy and Plan for the Identification of children who are Gifted?
When does Gifted testing occur?
Who can I contact about Gifted Services and Testing?
What is the District Policy and Plan for Identification and Services of Gifted? 
What is Kings' Acceleration Policy?Where can I obtain a request form for subject/grade acceleration?
What is Kings' procedure for appealing a Gifted decision?
What Assessment Instruments are used at Kings?
Is early entrance into Kindergarten an option?
What is Kings' Identification Criteria?
Where do I get the gifted referral form? 
What are Kings' Gifted Screening and Assessment procedures?
What is the process for identification in the visual/performing arts?
What is the process for identifying a child for Creative Thinking Ability?
What is Kings' Gifted Policy for transfer students?
Am I able to withdrawal my child from Gifted Services?
Where do I find the paperwork for identification in the area of visual arts?
Where do I find the paperwork for identification in the area of performing arts?
Where can I get the referral form for Early Entrance to Kindergarten?

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Gifted Program Resources   

Super Saturday Gifted Program