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Kings High School Prepares for Possible Remote Learning

Posted on: January 18, 2022

January 18, 2022

Dear Parents,

I just wanted to reach out to you to let you know of some of the planning that is taking place in the Kings District, but specifically at Kings High School. 

Today, we had a high number of staff absences. We were able to fill their classes with our building and COG substitutes, as well as a number of staff members from our Central Office.

I made an announcement this morning to let students and staff know that there may be a time that we will have to call a remote learning day. We aren’t there yet, but we just wanted to make sure that everyone is aware that there is potential in the future.

We have asked students to be sure to take their laptops home each night just in case they will need to stay home the following day.

IF we have to call a remote learning day, students will be expected to log in to their Google Classroom on time at the start of each bell. You can find the codes here. We will be following our normal bell schedule. Directions for classroom instruction will be given in each Google classroom. Teachers will communicate with students in their class via ZOOM or GOOGLE MEET. Teachers will take and report attendance and will meet for as long as deemed necessary for instruction. Teachers are expected to be available during their contractual school day to assist/help students. 

Kings High School will be open for students that DO NOT have access to the internet at home.  Transportation, however, will not be provided. Students will report to the cafeteria for remote learning and work alongside the high school Administrators. 

We truly believe that the best place for our students is in our school buildings, but we have to make sure that there is supervision and a safe environment.

Thank you for your understanding and flexibility

Doug Leist
KHS Principal