J.F. Burns Elementary School

Photo of Emily Sander

Emily Sander, JFB Counselor

Counselor's Corner

  JFB Counselor                                                                                            Emily Sander                                                                                            513.398.8050 ext. 16082                                                   


Office hours are:
 Monday through Friday from 8:00-3:30 p.m.

What is School Counseling all about?

Decision-making and problem-solving for Children.
Help and encouragement for Parents.
Support and consultation for Teachers. 

What Does a School Counselor Do?

Assists students individually and in groups or classroom settings.

Aids staff in further understanding students and their behaviors, and provides assistance for interventions and for motivation.

Helps parents in learning about their child's growth and development; understanding their child's abilities, and obtaining support for family problems and crisis.

Provide group-counseling sessions for specific students who share a common concern or problem.

Why would my child need to see a School Counselor?

Need for Encouragement
Change in Family due to Divorce, Death, Moving, etc.
Poor Grades
Sudden Change in Emotional Responses

How does my child see the School Counselor?

Self Referral 
Teacher Referral
Parent Referral
Principal Referral

Parent calls and e-mails are always welcome!