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Capacity and Building Utilization

“You need to address the needs of the students living here now. Overcrowding exists and it’s not going to get any better.”
                                                   ~ Matthew Cropper, Cropper GIS

The Kings Board of Education approved a building capacity study, demographic study, and a building utilization forecast using the company Cropper GIS Consulting earlier this year. During their May 2023 visit, Cropper representatives toured our school buildings, met with administrators, and employed data-driven processes to assess our capacities and utilization.

Mr. Matthew Cropper attended both the May 16 and August 8 Board of Education and presented his findings to the Board. Below you will find the presentation, recording, demographic study, and utilization forecast.

A message from Kings Superintendent, Greg Sears - READ HERE.

Capacity Study Board Presentation Recording May 16

Capacity Study Board Presentation May 16

Capacity Study Report May 16

Demographic & Utilization Board Presentation Recording August 8

Demographic & Utilization Powerpoint Presentation August 8

Demographic Study August 8

Utilization Forecast