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Bar chart that illustrates OFCC credit for KHS Project

What is OFCC & ELPP?

The OFCC is a state agency that oversees the planning, development, and construction of the state’s public K-12 school renovation and building initiative. Projects are funded through a number of programs using state money.

Expedited Local Partnership Program (ELPP)

Districts not currently eligible to participate in OFCC funding have the opportunity to move ahead with portions of their project while receiving credit for the future through ELPP.

Why Apply Now?

The application process for ELPP is a 6-8 month process outlined below:

  1. Board approval of district intent to participate and completed application
  2. Administration, Board, and Architects work with OFCC to finalize a district-wide plan (the prospective high school project) for future credit.
  3. Plan can be changed over time based on changing district needs

The District is under no obligation by starting the process now.

Return on Community’s Investment (see bar graph)

Currently, the District would receive a credit for 26% of OFCC-eligible expenses. For example, our architects are projecting that approximately $100.000.000 of the $142,000,000 high school solution will meet OFCC specifications which would bring the District a credit of $26,000,000 to either offset the project cost or use for future projects.

What can the credit be used for:

  • Future building projects
  • Pay down debt on existing projects

SHP Lead Architect, Charlie Jahnigen presented to the Board at the Tuesday, January 16 Board meeting. He explained more about the ELPP process and showed examples of OFCC-funded buildings.  

View the PowerPoint Slide Presentation

View the Board Presentation