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Elementary (PreK - 4) Curriculum

The Teaching and Learning Department believes that it is our responsibility to empower all learners (teachers and students) to develop and maximize their capacity for success by ensuring that:

  • Curriculum and instruction is aligned to the Ohio Academic Content Standards
  • Assessments are used to inform instruction
  • Students and teachers have access to the most effective instructional materials
  • Teachers are using research-based best practices instructional techniques
  • Open communication with all stakeholders continuously occurs.

The department believes:

  • The curriculum is the driving force that focuses student learning
  • Program structures and curriculum frameworks work together to support the learning of all students
  • Job-embedded professional growth needs to be continuous in order to provide high-quality learning for all students
  • The curriculum department must build interdependent communities of learners
  • The latest instructional research and practices should inform/drive curriculum decision making.

Kings Early Childhood Center

Our Kings Early Childhood Center is proud to offer education to our youngest students ages 3-5.  Our 5-star rated program follows Ohio's Early Learning Standards through the Creative Curriculum.  We believe in the power of early intervention and provide support to our students throughout their preschool day. For more information on early intervention and parent tips, access Early Childhood Ohio.

Language Arts

Elementary teachers in the Kings Local School District deliver literacy instruction using our District Literacy Framework and a balanced literacy approach which research has shown is most effective. Students progress along a continuum and build upon previous learning. Teachers provide instruction at various levels of the continuum in order to meet the needs of all their students. Most children remain at one stage for an extended period of time. It is not unusual for a child to be at a particular stage throughout a grade level. Teachers in Kings subscribe to the idea that they need to gradually release responsibility for literacy learning to the students once students have seen the literacy concept modeled for them and have been given a chance to practice with the teacher.

Please take a look at the 3rd Grade Reading Guarantee.



In grades K-4 the Kings Local School District is using Eureka Math, which is one of the only programs aligned to the Ohio Math Standards. Mathematical practice standards are embedded in the program.  In grades 5-8 the Kings Local School District is using Connected Math 2, which is a standards-based math program that embodies the spirit of the NCTM Principals and Standards for School Mathematics and the constructivist theory of learning. It is a problem-centered curriculum that is focused on inquiry and investigation of key mathematical ideas.

For more information on your specific child, please consult the Math Placement Information Guide


The Ohio Science Academic Content Standards include science concepts, processes and ways of thinking. All Ohio students can apply these skills and understandings to make informed personal decisions, to accurately communicate with a variety of audiences, to become lifelong learners, and to make successful transitions to postsecondary education and the work force. The Ohio science academic content standards are:

  • Earth and Space Sciences
  • Life Sciences
  • Physical Sciences
  • Science and Technology
  • Scientific Inquiry
  • Scientific Ways of Knowing

Social Studies

The Ohio Social Studies Content Standards provide a set of clear and rigorous expectations for all students. Currently, there are seven standards that clearly define a balanced program of knowledge and skills necessary for active citizenship. The standards are divided into two categories:

Content Standards:
  • History
  • People in Societies
  • Geography
  • Economics
  • Government
  • Citizenship Rights and Responsibilities

Process Standards:

  • Social Studies Skills and Methods