District Literacy Framework

The Kings Local School District has committed itself to ensuring that all students learn and grow academically. During the 2015-2016 school year, a task force was assembled in order to focus efforts in the area of literacy, both within English Language Arts instruction and across the curriculum. A newly created district literacy framework is the culmination of the efforts of this task force, as well as teachers, program coordinators, and administrators. The purpose of this framework is to guide and inform literacy instruction in every classroom within the district. In addition to careful examination of Ohio’s Learning Standards, scientifically-based research representing the core components of literacy in the area of reading, writing, speaking, and listening was reviewed.  



In the Kings Local School District, we believe that teaching and promoting literacy is a shared responsibility. We understand and value the crucial role a family plays in supporting their child’s literacy development. In order for all students to meet the threshold of college and career readiness, teachers must effectively and intentionally teach the literacy standards to each student. It is our collective responsibility to select rigorous teaching strategies and resources to provide opportunities for students to grow academically. Students need to have access to and read high quality informational and literature-based texts. In order to meet the demands of this task, regular high quality professional development is vital and will foster the necessary collaborative culture to prepare our students for various post-secondary options. Dedication to this vision of the teaching of literacy will contribute to making Kings Local School District one of the highest performing school districts in Ohio.

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