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District Enrollment Plan Update

Posted on: January 29, 2016

The district has been working on a new Enrollment Plan to accommodate the anticipated future growth and overcrowding in our buildings.

Kings Superintendent, Tim Ackermann has put together a proposal that he will present to the Kings Board of Education at the February 16, 2016 meeting. The new proposal is to keep the current school building configuration, but re-draw our elementary boundary lines. The proposed lines will make Socialville-Fosters Road the new district cut off between Kings Mills Elementary and J.F. Burns Elementary.

If Mr. Ackermann’s proposal is accepted by the Board next month, we will quickly communicate with those students/families directly affected by the change. We know this will be a big transition for our families so our Transition Plan includes a May 2016 Open House at J.F. Burns Elementary to welcome new students.

Please click here  to view Mr. Ackermann’s letter to the community regarding the Enrollment Plan.