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Emergency Notification Protocol

Posted on: August 17, 2015

The Kings Local School District takes the safety and security of our staff and students very seriously. As a part of a new Ohio Revised Code requirement, the district is required to inform student and parents/guardians before the first day of school each year of our emergency parental notification protocols.

In the event of an emergency where an evacuation of the school building is necessary, we have identified off-site locations (reunification sites) to transport students to safety.  We will disseminate information through our All-Call system,  as well as use email, text messages, website, district mobile app, and district social media. We will continue to provide updates through the above avenues as needed.

The Kings Local School District believes it is as important for parents to know the resources the district will use in the event of an emergency.  It should be noted that an evacuation from any given campus may cause your children to be picked up at a secondary location.  If this circumstance occurs, we will utilize a parent reunification form to reunite you with your child. 

We will ask parents to be sure that their emergency contact information is up to date in our files in order to be contacted in case of emergency. 

Please take some time to review this important information and fill out your reunification information and put it in your car’s glove box.

Click here for more information and the reunification form.