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Kings Preschool Has New Name

Posted on: January 9, 2023
Kings Early Childhood Center logo has a baby Knight holding a flag with the letters KECC

Kings Preschool provides excellent early childhood education and special education services to the Kings’ youngest learners. Most of our educators are licensed to teach both the general education curriculum and early childhood special education. We have an experienced and dedicated staff that delivers exceptional educational opportunities for Kings 3-5-year-olds. 

The name change from Kings Preschool & Childcare to Kings Early Childhood Center (KECC) has been approved by the Kings Board of Education. Principal Mary Beth Fosse said, "I'm so pleased that our board and community recognize the quality our teachers bring to educating our youngest students. The name change to Kings Early Childhood Center aligns with Ohio's focus on the importance of early childhood education and honors the quality of our teachers and support staff."  Fosse also said that the change acknowledges that our school district provides the highest quality education that sets us apart from surrounding private entities.