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Let Your Voice Be Heard!

Posted on: January 23, 2017

Due to changes in graduation requirements, nearly a third of Ohio's Class of 2018 students are at risk of not graduating.  Approximately 20% of our current Junior Class at Kings High School is in jeopardy of not graduating.

Our district strongly advocates for local control and we are disappointed that the state continues to make decisions that gravely impact Ohio students without necessary input from professional educators and families.  However, we are concerned that this committee, our legislature, and our Governor are not hearing what so many Ohioans are trying to say.

We are asking for your help to appeal to our lawmakers to regain local control. Please read this letter that Mr. Ackermann has sent to our Kings Family.  There are sample letters that can be copied and pasted to send to our local lawmakers. 

We hope you consider to help us as we advocate in the best interest of our students!