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"This is Kings" International Corridor at KHS

Posted on: May 9, 2018
International Flags Corridor at Kings High School
On Monday, April 30 the Student Task Force on Diversity and Inclusion at Kings High School dedicated the new "This is Kings International Corridor," a line of flags from different countries representing the countries of some KHS students.
The Task Force's goal of putting up the flags was to get conversations started about spreading awareness regarding cultural competency, which simply means, increasing the amount of awareness about different cultures and backgrounds that are displayed through the students at Kings.
While the flags are a symbol for a specific country, the student task force wants to use this gesture to spread acknowledgment about differences in race, religion, sexual orientation, socio-economics, and any other way people might feel misrepresented. 
KHS Junior, Jordan Harkins who is Secretary for the Student Task Force came up with the idea after being a part of the same process at KJH in her 8th-grade year. She said, " To us, the flags aren't just pieces of material hanging from the wall with some cool colors. They represent the diversity of the students at Kings"
The flags are a gesture of inclusiveness and acceptance. Harkins said, "To me personally, it's a part of the legacy that I will be leaving at Kings. The feeling of knowing that all your work has finally paid off is one that can't be described in words. It's also a small moment in the bigger movement of increasing cultural awareness not just in the High School, but also around the Kings community as well."
The leaders of the Task Force include Chair, Caleb Owens, Vice-Chair Dunia Alkurdi, and Secretary, Jordan Harkins. Caleb Owens is excited about the new flags. He said, " It’s so cool seeing how different people are and learning about those differences. The next step will be to push for a change in curriculum. I want to see more classes that represent all beliefs and ways of thinking instead of Eurocentric viewpoints and history."
Watch this video of the dedication.