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Kings Gifted Services

Gifted Coordinator: Dana Martin
Phone: 513-398-8050, ext. 10041


Kings Local School District is committed to meeting the needs of the gifted and high achieving learners through challenging educational programs in regular classroom settings and through enrichment/accelerated programs and activities. The Kings Local School District provides a continuum of services for students who show the need for more challenging work.

The Ohio Department of Education requires districts to identify students who are gifted through referrals and whole-grade testing. While the state of Ohio requires school districts to identify gifted students, there is no requirement that gifted services be provided. If a district chooses to provide gifted services, the state mandates specific gifted “service” criteria. For a student to be considered “served” by the Ohio Department of Education and subsequently receive a Written Education Plan (WEP), a student must be receiving services by either a Gifted Intervention Specialist (GIS) or a general education teacher who has received 60 contact hours of professional development related to gifted education within a 4-year period. 

We feel strongly that learning is negatively affected when teachers are out of the classroom for extended periods of time and consequently we have decided to forgo the WEP process. This means that gifted identified children will not be considered “served” by the Ohio Department of Education. 

Although gifted identified students are not considered to be officially “served” through the lens of Ohio Department of Education,  be assured that the continuum of opportunities for gifted identified and high-achieving students in Kings Local Schools will still be offered.