Secondary (Grades 7 - 12) Curriculum

The Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Department believes that it is our responsibility to empower all learners (teachers and students) to develop and maximize their capacity for success by ensuring that:

  • Curriculum and instruction is aligned to the Ohio Academic Content Standards
  • Assessments are used to inform instruction
  • Students and teachers have access to the most effective instructional materials
  • Teachers are using research-based best practices instructional techniques
  • Open communication with all stakeholders continuously occurs.

The department believes:

  • The curriculum is the driving force that focuses student learning
  • Program structures and curriculum frameworks work together to support the learning of all students
  • Job-embedded professional growth needs to be continuous in order to provide high-quality learning for all students
  • The curriculum department must build interdependent communities of learners
  • The latest instructional research and practices should inform/drive curriculum decision making.

2018-2019 KHS Course Guide

2017-2018 KJH Course Guide

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Visual Arts Philosophy

The Visual Arts Department at Kings High School allows students to experience various art media that stimulates the imagination, develops self-esteem and encourages personal exploration. Individually, they will become more creative and perceptive, and be able to connect visual knowledge to other subjects by responding with innovation, understanding, flexibility and imagination.

By studying art, students will discover how people communicate, not only with words but through images.

Instruction is offered in drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, architecture, digital media arts, design, and AP Drawing, AP 2D Design and AP 3D Design

We strive to reach the following goals which incorporate the visual art content standards set forth by the state of Ohio:

  • Set high expectations and provide strong support for artistic achievement by all students.

  • Learn techniques and methods of various art processes.

  • Appreciation of the arts as an academic discipline.

  • Provide balance among conceptual understanding, procedural knowledge and critical thinking skills, problem-solving and application.

  • Work effectively in group settings.

  • Develop interests for life long learning.

  • Represent the knowledge and skills needed in visual communications to make a successful transition to post-secondary education, the workplace and daily life.

  • Focus on important visual art concepts that are well-articulated through benchmarks and grade-level indicators.

Business Academy Philosophy

The Business Academy at Kings High School offers courses in Introduction to Business.  Sports & Entertainment Management, Marketing, Technology Enhanced Communications, Personal Finance. Students will not only learn about different business applications, but will be involved in a number of activities, case studies, role-playing, and projects that are designed to be interactive and informative.
Computer Information Technology
The Kings Computer Information Technology Program is a Local Cisco Networking Academy. Students are prepared to take the Cisco Certified Entry Network Technician exam upon successful completion of this program. Many students continue their education at a Tech Prep college or go on to a university majoring in Computer Science or Computer Engineering.  The program utilizes a combination of web-based, instructor-led learning and hands-on labs.
The Cisco Academy Courses offered through WCCC are directly articulated with Sinclair Community College. Students with Tech Prep status receive 3 semester hours for each of the four courses. Sinclair transcripts show a letter grade for each of these courses totaling 12 semester hours. Students are also prepared to take the CompTia A+ Certification and Network + Certification exams in addition to Cisco's CCENT Exam. For additional information, please email Reggie Holtrey at
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Family and Consumer Science Philosophy

Our unique focus is on families, careers, and their interrelationships. The discipline of Family and Consumer Sciences focuses on empowering individuals to manage the challenges of living and working in an ever-changing, diverse and global society. Courses help students become independent, to assume family roles, to contribute to the good of the community and society, to balance work and family, and to transfer personal skills to the workplace. The course content is designed to help students develop a high level of competence in problem solving, interpersonal skills, citizenship and leadership while balancing work and family.

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Language Arts / English Philosophy

The Language Arts Department at Kings Junior High and the English Department at Kings High School believe that language development is an on-going process essential for success in life. The philosophy of the departments is to encourage and to cultivate our students to be life-long readers, writers, speakers, listeners and critical thinkers. Well-developed language skills are vital for the lifelong learning required to live and work in a changing world. The Language Arts and English departments use a process approach to writing, and the teaching of reading and writing is interconnected.
The Language Arts and English teachers encourage students to become reflective, articulate, literate individuals who use language successfully for learning and communication in life. Our mission is to enable all students to use language in all of its forms to enrich the unique and diverse life of each individual and to develop the skills necessary to become effective communicators in our global community.
Our belief is that the critical study of language is a means by which students may better understand their own lives by looking at the literary texts of those who have lived before them. Our goal is to foster lifelong intellectual curiosity as students cultivate a broad range of literacies as capable, discriminating readers, competent and fluent writers, articulate speakers, active listeners, and critical thinkers. The Language Arts and English departments seek to create a challenging learning environment that encourages high expectation for success in life.
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Foreign Language Philosophy 

The objective of the foreign language department is to develop within students the desire to acquire subject knowledge of a particular language as well as a better understanding of the different cultures of the world. Aside from developing personal interests, students will acquire a tool for communication and a means of self-expression in the target language. Students must realize when registering for a foreign language course that skills acquired on each level are necessary for success in each succeeding level.

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Math Department Philosophy 

At Kings High School, the mathematics department strives to further students knowledge of mathematical skills while teaching them to use logic, reason and sound analytical problem solving to not only deal with questions in math, but in life as well.

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Music Department Philosophy 

Instrumental and Vocal Music is the study of music through participation in rehearsal and performance opportunities.

Students are encouraged to increase their musical abilities as a means to deepen their understanding of music. The primary mission of the Kings High School Music Department is to prepare and educate young musicians; hopefully for the continuation of music performance and appreciation throughout life. It is the Music Department’s goal to provide a program which will develop well-rounded student/musicians who are prepared to face the challenges of an ever changing world.  

At the secondary level, students are encouraged to develop skills for musical judgments, gain personal achievement and expand technical and intellectual horizons. Expectations also include promoting the highest performance standards as well as preparing for the music of the future by exploring the music of the present while preserving the music of the past. Other goals of the department include developing an increased awareness of the artistic and historical significance of music, creating a positive music making environment and having a balanced experience which promotes creativity, flexibility, and versatility in each musician.  

In addition students are encouraged to have creative thought and artistic interaction and discover that music is an international language that expresses ideas and emotion. In order to accomplish the above goals, Kings High School offers specialized courses of instrumental and vocal music instruction designed to meet the differing requirements and schedule needs of each individual.
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Physical Education Philosophy

The mission of the Kings High School Physical Education program is to provide successful physical activity experiences for all students through a variety of course offerings.  Each course will provide the opportunity for students to identify and establish their own personal fitness goals to maintain a health enhancing level of personal wellness. Each student will focus on establishing a fitness plan through the F.I.T.T. principle in order to meet their personal wellness goals.  Students will gain knowledge of the five components of fitness (muscular Strength, muscular endurance, cardiorespiratory fitness, flexibility, and body composition) and how each aspect relates to their overall level of fitness, and how to assess and track their progress. Through participation, students will learn a variety of activities and safe practices in order to achieve and maintain a healthy enhancing lifestyle.  Students will gain knowledge and practice various locomotor, nonlocomotor, and manipulative skills for a variety of activities and sports that can enhance their overall wellness level. Social interaction will include cooperation, teamwork, and individual goal setting.

Courses offered are:

General Physical Education

Strength Training

Advanced Strength Training

Lifetime Fitness


Human Sexuality





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Science Department Philosophy 

Here at Kings High School we believe Science is both a process and a body of knowledge. Our goal is to have students obtain an understanding of both. We value not only the engagement of students in experiences that give them practice with scientific processes, but also a fundamental understanding of the scientific body of knowledge.

To help our students understand both scientific process and knowledge, we strive toward the following, which incorporates the science content standards set forth by the state of Ohio:
  • Set high expectations and provide strong support for science achievement by all students;
  • Represent scientific knowledge and skills needed to make a successful transition to post-secondary education, the workplace and daily life;
  • Apply research on how students learn science concepts and processes;
  • Align with the national science education standards;
  • Provide balance among conceptual understanding, procedural knowledge and skills, and application and problem-solving;
  • Address scientific content knowledge and processes including technological design, scientific ways of knowing, inquiry, communication, representation, and connections across the domains of science;
  • Apply scientific knowledge and processes to individual and societal issues;
  • Focus on important scientific concepts that are well-articulated through benchmarks and grade-level indicators;
  • Represent rigorous progression across grades and in-depth study within each grade;
  • Incorporate use of technology by all students in learning science and developing an understanding about the nature of science and technology including technological design;
  • Serve as the basis for classroom and statewide assessments;
  • Emphasize the nature, connections and historical development of scientific knowledge in the physical, life, and Earth and space sciences.
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Social Studies Department Philosophy 

The Social Studies Department believes that students will be able to:

  • Master a broad body of historical knowledge;
  • Demonstrate an understanding of historical chronology;
  • Use historical data to support an argument or position;
  • Effectively use analytical skills of evaluation, cause and effect, and compare/contrast;
  • Be prepared for the AIR/End of Course Assessments, ACT and AP testing (when applicable).
Individual Social Studies Course Objectives
United States & World History
Students will have an understanding of social, political and economic causes and effects of American and World History, so as to promote/become informed democratic citizens.

Psychology and Sociology
Students will be prepared in the content, language (vocabulary) and objectives that pertain to Psychology and Sociology. Students will also be prepared for college-level courses in Psychology and Sociology.

Students will be prepared to become information/educated citizens of the democratic process of government and governmental systems.

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