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Achieving Financial Stability Discussions with the Kings Board of Education

The Kings Local Board of Education has been engaged in discussions to achieve financial stability since 2020. The purpose of these discussions is to closely examine the revenues and expenditures of the District in consultation with the Superintendent, Treasurer, and Administrative Team of the District to determine a path forward to maintain services and address a growing student population.

The District is largely supported by local funding due to the structure of school funding in Ohio. Nearly 80% of all District revenue is derived from a local source (property within the district). Consequently, levy planning and the development of community support for local levies is an integral part of the District’s financial planning. Kings doesn't anticipate any additional state support from the State's budget and the trend of the five-year forecast project demonstrates a need for additional revenue, expenditure reductions, or both for 2023 to avoid a deficit on June 30, 2024.

The District is positioned to utilize cash reserves from the 2016 Operating Levy through June 30, 2023. The levy was supposed to last 3 years, but the district was able to make it last 6.

A Kings Board of Education voted on July 12, 2022, to place a 6.4 mill levy on the November 2022 ballot to maintain a positive cash balance on June 30, 2024, and beyond. The Kings Board will continue discussing the financials of the District to determine a structure to achieve financial stability into the future.


Board Discussions from 2021-2022 School Year

To find the value used by the county to calculate your taxes, you can use the property tax search tool on the Warren County Auditor's Page

  •  Find your property by name, address, or parcel number. The TRUE VALUE of your property is the number that you will want to use with the Levy Estimator to calculate the what impact of the levy could be on your taxes.

For example below, this property's true value is $244,920. This number is the one that will be used in the levy calculator. Once that value is placed in the levy calculator, the tax amounts will be automatically computed for you. 

Estimated tax increase for a 244,920 home

Board Discussions from 2020-2021 School Year

Financial Stability Discussion Powerpoint Slideshow 2020-2021