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Peachjar Process for Organizations

How it Works for Community Organizations

Peachjar sends school-approved e-flyers directly to parents' inboxes and posts them to each school’s website. We provide the most highly effective electronic distribution system for school flyers.

Please note that we only approve non-profit organizations to send flyers through Peachjar to our families.

Once you register with Peachjar, you can upload your e-flyer as a PDF and select your desired schools for distribution. Your e-flyer will be automatically routed to the appropriate school district(s) for approval upon submission.  Once approved, your e-flyer will be posted to your selected schools and emailed to all parents as a visually engaging image. Your flyer will include a “Sign Up Now” button when you add your registration page URL. You can also add your website’s URL so parents can click for more information.

Please also note that ALL flyers are approved on Fridays, and are both posted to the Peachjar website and emailed to families on Fridays. If upon review it is found that changes need to be made, our office will be in touch as soon as possible so that you can update the flyer in time for Friday's post and email.

**Flyers may be posted for a maximum of 1 month.  If you select any option longer than a month, we will deny your flyer and ask you to resubmit.**

Benefits of Peachjar E-flyers:

Eliminate the burden of copying, sorting, and delivering paper flyers
E-flyers go to all parents, not just those that opt-in*
Include a “Sign Up Now” button
Send multiple pages at no extra cost
Parents can share e-flyers through email or social media

Getting started with Peachjar is as easy as...

1) Register an "Enrichment or Community Organization" account on Peachjar
2) Click "Post a Flyer" from the left-hand side menu
3) Select the schools you wish to post to and proceed to checkout
4) See Deals on your account for best pricing options
5) Email or call 858-997-2117 with any questions

  • Peachjar charges a fee for this service that is typically much less than the cost to copy and deliver paper flyers to each school. Organizations may qualify for a “Free Community Flyer Post” if the service/program offered is free of charge and children are the direct beneficiary. Reach out to to apply. For more information about pricing, please visit the Service Fees page.

Flyer emails will be sent to our Kings families on Fridays. Flyers must be a PDF and contain the disclaimer “This event or activity is not sponsored by the Kings Local School District School District” on the bottom of the flyer.

Please note: flyers from outside organizations are not sponsored by, affiliated with, nor endorsed by the Wentzville School District or its schools