District Growth Review- UPDATED 11-8-2016

The Kings Local School District has 11 new developments under construction that will likely produce over 1,200 housing units.  

The Kings Local School District has been working with a company called Decision Insite, a School Enrollment Specialty company, who is helping us to plan for future student growth and over crowding in our buildings.

Please see the charts below that outline the conservative and moderate projections of future growth. Our experience so far is that actual numbers fall somewhere in between.

The district has a Long Range Facilities Planning Committee in place to study the numbers and make decisions to help accommodate the future growth.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mr. Ackermann at

Enrollment Projections- ConservativeFuture Enrollment Study Conservative

 Enrollment Projections - ModerateDecision Insite Enrollment  Projections Mod