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Kings Releases Strategic Plan

Posted on: February 22, 2019
KingsStrong Strategic Plan graphic
The Kings Local School District has released a new Strategic Plan that will direct the District for years to come.
The #KingsStrong Strategic Plan was created to guide the instructional vision of the Kings District, to explore the knowledge, skills, and experiences students will need to compete globally and succeed in tomorrow’s world. For over two years, a team of Kings teachers and administrators have spent many hours of research and collaboration to develop a plan that will help provide direction for our teachers and staff as we move into the future of education.
Today’s learner is walking into our classrooms smarter, more experienced, and ready to engage in complex learning experiences. Additionally, technological advances and innovation are putting new demands on America’s workforce. Students must possess a whole new set of skills and knowledge to be successful in the future. In fact, we are teaching students for jobs that haven’t even been created yet.
In preparing our Kings students for their future and not our past, this strategic plan will guide the instructional vision of the District which will address the academic, social, emotional, and applied skills needed to succeed in a constantly changing world. Our instruction must be more intentional and purposeful with a focus on relationships.
In our research, our team worked to understand the strengths and needs of our District to be able to identify where our focus should be. We focused on the “WHY” we are doing things. Our team identified two major focus areas - Teaching and Learning and Environments - which symbolically represent the foundational “pillars” of the #KingsStrong Plan. Under those pillars, they have identified six goals that will drive District efforts and focus our work toward accomplishing the District’s vision of Relate. Create. Innovate.  In fact, everything we do we will relate back to the #KingsStrong Plan.
Please take a look at our plan. Within each goal, there are strategic objectives and action steps that we hope to accomplish within the first year and a half of implementation. Our hope is that the community will share our excitement for the plan and recognize the importance as we prepare our students for achievement and inspire them to be their best.
Together we will continue to be #KINGSSTRONG!