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New Diversity & Inclusion Coordinator at Kings

Posted on: September 7, 2018
Jorge Gonzalez photo
In an effort to be more culturally sensitive, Kings has a new Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator. Kings High School Spanish teacher, Jorge Gonzalez will take on the additional duty of helping our students, staff, and community to gain more knowledge and awareness of the diversity and different cultures around us. Currently, 16% of Kings students come from an ethnic background. 
In September of 2017, Gonzalez proposed the idea of a coordinator to Kings High School Principal, Doug Leist. With Leist's support, the idea was taken to District Superintendent, Tim Ackermann, who also was very supportive of the idea. The position was subsequently approved by the Kings Local Board of Education.
The Diversity & Inclusion Coordinator’s role is to enhance and embrace the growing diversity of the District through training, programs, and events for students, educators and staff, and community members. Currently, Mr. Gonzalez is coordinating three community nights which all community members will be invited to discuss sensitive, yet timely issues such as race, gender equality, LGBTQ issues, socio-economic disparity, and others.
The Kings Staff and faculty have already begun cultural awareness training modules this year. For the students, there will be programs and activities planned that are grounded in cultural sensibilities. Gonzalez leads the Diversity & Inclusion Student Task Force at Kings High School. The Task Force has already had an impact as they initiated a recruitment video for educators from diverse backgrounds and a display in the high school main hallway that includes flags from all over the world.
This month, Gonzalez has encouraged the Kings Staff to celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month in all grade levels by giving the staff resources on how the Hispanic Heritage influence can be seen and felt across all curriculum areas.
Gonzalez said, "I am looking forward to working with all Kings employees and community members in order to promote acceptance and respect of the wonderful diversity we have at Kings."