Kings Long Term Facility Planning & Enrollment Growth

The Kings Local School District has engaged in a process to assess the the enrollment growth of the District.  We have a Long Term Facility Planning Team, which consists of Administrators, Teachers, and Community Members who meet regularly to review data and enrollment numbers.

We are growing! The Kings Local School District has increased in enrollment and is projected to continue to grow as construction booms in our District. We welcome the new growth but also have some work to do to be able to accommodate the increasing amount of students.

We have also been working with a company called Decision Insite, a School Enrollment Specialty company, who is helping us to plan for future student growth and over crowding in our buildings.

Please see the information below that outlines both Thoughtexhange processes, as well as enrollment growth past, present, and future. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mr. Ackermann at

Bond issue website

Facility Master Plan Website

Get all of the facts regarding the future of Kings Schools and the Facilities Master Plan. Visit

Kings Proposed Final Master Plan

Members of the Kings Long Range Facility Team presented the proposed Final Building Master Plan to the Kings Board of Education on Tuesday, February 19, 2019.

Click here to view the presentation. 


Kings FINAL Master Plan

The FINAL Master Facilities Plan was approved by the Kings Board of Education on March 19, 2019.  View the plan in the video above.

BOND UPDATE 2/18/2020

Mr. Ackermann gave an update of the Facilities Plan, Bond, and Frequently Asked Questions to the Board of Education on 2/18/2020. Click here to view. 

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District Enrollment Growth

Since May 2015, the Kings District has grown nearly 500 students.  We are challenging our building capacities by the increased enrollment.  Below you will find the most recent enrollment numbers, including projections. 

Decision Insite Enrollment Report Fall 2019

Decision Insite Enrollment Report Fall 2018

Enrollment Growth from May 2015-present (updated monthly)

Thoughtexchange graphic

Thoughtexchange Process

We have also teamed with a company named Thoughtexchange to assist us in getting input from our entire community. With Thoughtexchange, we asked our community to share and rate thoughts regarding the long term facility planning process. We wanted to connect with the community to gather thoughts, ideas, and future considerations so that we can continue meeting the needs of our students.

Thoughtexchange #1 video

Thoughtexchange #1 results

Thoughtexchange #2 video

Thoughtexchange #2 results site

Thoughtexchange #2 results and insights report

Thoughtexchange #3 video

Thoughtexchange #3 results site

Master Planning Options/FAQ's

Kings Enrollment Over Time Graph

Historical Enrollment Data *Source Kings Historical Files and DASL