Remote Learning Information -Email sent home 3/25/2020

Schools remain closed by order of the Governor through April 3 and possibly longer. Should schools remain closed after April 3rd, we will be ready with assignments designed to keep your child on track with learning specific to each child’s grade level or course. 

We understand that many families will be sharing devices.  It is our goal to provide learning experiences that do not overwhelm families and students. The goal is to help students maintain skills and teach any remaining concepts in our curriculum. 

Remote Learning for students will begin on Monday, April 6.

You will hear from your child’s teacher each Monday morning beginning April 6. Content will be delivered electronically by the digital format that has been set up by the teacher. Teachers will be available during school hours to answer any questions to help you.  Throughout the week, teachers will look for student completion of their assigned activities on their chosen digital platform. If you have any questions, misunderstandings, or difficulty accessing the work, please contact your child’s teacher. 

Remote Learning Expectations

Teachers will provide pre-academic learning ideas weekly to help students maintain skills and provide enrichment.

Teachers will provide 2-3 math and 2-3 reading assignments per week to help maintain learned skills.   

Grades 3-4
Teachers will provide 2-3 assignments per week with a focus on math and ELA. They may include some social studies or science activities for enrichment.

Grades 5-6
Teachers will provide 2-3 assignments per week.  Teachers will balance the number of assignments per subject keeping in mind that families may be sharing devices among children.

Grades 7-12 
Assignments will be based on your student’s schedule. 

Remote Learning Grading Practices

Students receive a pass/fail based on participation. Students without online access will not be penalized.  We are working on a plan to help those who do not have online access or a device. We will be communicating with those families next week.

Assignments will be graded.  Students without online access will not be penalized.   We are working on a plan to help those who do not have online access.  

Recommendations for Learning at Home

Parents/guardians are asked to partner with us by setting up “school time” based on your family circumstances and the schedule provided by your child’s teachers. This “school time” is not expected to take up the entire day. Our expectation is that students work on weekly assignments taking on average one to three hours per day while keeping the due dates in mind as established by the teacher. The older the student, the longer assignments may take. 

This is new territory for all of us. The most important part of this process is to communicate with your child’s teachers. We will need to work together to make it as beneficial as possible.  Please feel free to reach out with any questions.

Guidance for Special Education, IEP and 504 Plans

As the Director of Student Services for the Kings Local School District,  I want to provide an update and let you know that we are working diligently to create a plan for our students and staff. The Office of Student Services works with students and their families with children on an IEP or 504 plan. We recognize that this is an uncertain time, and our hope is that this communication will provide some answers for the coming weeks.    

As the district plans for remote learning, I want you to know the direction we are moving as it involves our students on IEP and 504 plans. With guidance from the Office of Exceptional Children and the Ohio Department of Education, we will be providing services, which includes IEP goals/objectives/accommodations and 504 accommodations, remotely to the best of our ability. This could include learning through virtual hangouts, teacher-created videos or phone calls to name a few. This will also mean that other students may be on the video conference at the same time as your student accessing their education at the same time. This is no different than what occurs within our school buildings. However, a student's parent may be supervising their child working on school work, and they may incidentally see some of the group work as well.  We like to inform you of this so that you are aware of the possibility, and can advise us if you have questions or concerns about the same.

You will hear from your child’s case manager, or school counselor, regarding their IEP and 504 plan the first week we are back in remote school which is tentatively to begin the week of April 6. The conversations will center around how we are going to provide services from the students’ current IEP or 504.  We know that we will not be able to provide all services/goals to some of our students. This will require us to hold a virtual meeting to have a discussion about the student’s plan while we are learning remotely.  

If your child’s IEP or 504 meeting is supposed to be held in the next few weeks or months, and we are not back in school, we plan to continue to hold those meetings, whether it be through Google Meet, Zoom, or a phone conference.  Your child’s case manager will reach out to you just as they would if we were in school to determine a date and time for that meeting to take place.  

We expect that you may have questions regarding meetings, evaluations, and transitions for next year. Please communicate with your child’s case manager as they are receiving guidance directly from Dana Martin, Director of Student Services.  

Thank you for partnering with us on your child's education as we all try to work together during this unprecedented time. We appreciate your support!

For more information contact the appropriate staff member below.

Dana Martin
Director of Student Services
513-398-8050, ext. 10041

Mary Beth Fosse
PreK-6 Director of Teaching and Learning

Matt Freeman
7-12 Director of Teaching and Learning

Angie Thompson
ESL/Gifted Director of Teaching and Learning



Remote Learning and Grading Guidelines 

Remote Learning and Grading Guidelines