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2024-25 Scheduling Season


The time is here!  We're scheduling classes for the 2024-25 school year.  Detailed below are a number of grade level resources to help you.  We encourage students to talk with their teachers and counselors in order to submit their best schedule for next year.  Course requests are due Tuesday, February 20 via the personalized COURSE REQUESTER file that each student received in email.  Detailed below are numerous resources students can use to gather the information they need.

Scheduling Timetable and Scheduling Information Sheet
The link below details our scheduling calendar but also contains all other pertinent links that students and parents will need in making schedule decisions such as Grade Level Course Option Sheets, Honors Diploma requirements, College Credit Plus Information, Summer School, Math Department Course guidance and more.

24/25 Scheduling Timetable and Information Sheet

Student's will submit using a *NEW* Process this year
Watch Mr. Garvin's video that describes how students access their "Course Request" email and submit their choices. The email will look like this: "Course Requests XXXXX Jane Smith".

Watch Video here


Key Websites, Links & Resources
The Course & Career Catalog now has it's own website! Please access it below to obtain Course Descriptions and Pre-requisite information. Also, all other key resources contained in the Scheduling Information Sheet are also provided below.

KHS Course & Career Guide Website  **NEW!

24/25 9th Grade Course Option Sheet
24/25 10th Grade Course Option Sheet
24/25 11th Grade Course Option Sheet
24/25 12th Grade Course Option Sheet

24/25 CCP Information Sheet & How to Apply

CCP Intent to Participate by April 1, 2024

CCP Resources on Kings website

Honors Diploma Resources on Kings Website

Math Department Guidance Grid

Math Courses: How College Majors Align


Videos to Help Students Understand a Class

Why Statistics?

AP Computer Science Principles

Intro to DMA

Digital Media I

Honors Composition vs. Composition (seniors)

Visual Art & Design

BioMedical Sciences: Please see Course & Career Website