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College Credit Plus


The College Credit Plus (CCP) program has been established to enhance students’ college and career readiness and postsecondary success by enabling college-ready students who qualify for college admission to take college-level courses for which they earn both high school and college credit upon successful completion of coursework. 

 Kings High School and several area Institutions of Higher Learning (IHE) have partnered to offer selected courses with the same rigor and demands of the same course taken on a college campus. A limited number of courses are offered on-site at Kings, courses can be completed online or off-site at the local college campus.

Program Benefits

  • Curriculum that may not be available at Kings High School
  • Attainment of college credit and high school credit at the same time
  • College credit and books generally at no cost to the student
  • Additional weight in high school GPA if the course is offered as AP/Honors at Kings

Program Risks

  • Grades received through the CCP program are reflected twice; on both the high school and college transcript. If low grades are earned, they will not be dropped from either transcript.
  • There is increased student responsibility and ownership associated with this program.
  • Grades will affect both GPA’s and can impact a student’s eligibility for admission and scholarship decisions.
  • Credits are not guaranteed to transfer to private or out-of–state institutions.
  • Families will be financially responsible for a course if a student earns a "D" or an "F".
  • Eligibility to play Kings sports while taking CCP classes is a different credit calculation.  Please see your school counselor to ensure athletic eligibility.

CCP Courses Offered On-Site at Kings 

  • University of Cincinnati:                  Engineering Foundations (ENED 1100)
                                                          Foundations of Eng. Design Thinking (ENED 1120)
  • Sinclair Community College              Calculus for Business & Economics

How Do College Credits Convert to HS Credits?

Students can take a maximum of 30 semester hours per year (including KHS courses) and 120 college semester hours prior to graduation.

  • 5 semester hour college class = 1.0  KHS credit
  • 4 semester hour college class = 1.0  KHS credit
  • 3 semester hour college class = 1.0  KHS credit
  • 2 semester hour college class = 0.67 KHS credit
  • 1 semester hour college class = 0.33 KHS credit

How to Apply

All Students; whether new to CCP or returning to CCP or taking Kings CCP courses only; will follow the directions and links in the CCP Information attached below. 

24/25 CCP Information Sheet  Students Must follow all steps!
- Select CCP as a course in their Course Request email
- Fill out the Intent to Particpate below
- Apply to the college of their choice by the required deadline. Please take note.

24/25 CCP Intent to Participate Google Form due by April 1, 2024

Academic Advising

Each school offers academic advisors that can work with students to help them pick the best courses and schedule to meet their needs. As school counselors, we can work with the students to let them know what they still need for graduation or help discuss with them career paths or majors for future education purposes. 
Mrs. Tabitha Shuey is available from Sinclair Community College to help students choose classes. She can be reached at

Links to popular Institutions of Higher Learning

Links to Apply

Sinclair's CCP Digital Dashboard -- Very Helpful