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ACT/SAT College Testing

All Juniors will take the ACT at KHS on February 27, 2024
All Sophomores will take a Pre-Assessment practice at KHS on Feb. 27, 2024.

The ACT and SAT are both National College Readiness tests that can provide a standard score to students for use with college applications.

Is an ACT/SAT Score Required for College?
Many colleges continue to be "Test Optional" for the school year beginning Fall 2025.
This means a college readiness score isn't always presumed to be REQUIRED. 
However, the KHS Counseling Office still recommends students work toward having an ACT or SAT score because some colleges do require a score for admission and some programs do require scores for direct admittance into a major.

Do I take the ACT or the SAT?
Colleges will accept both the ACT and SAT scores. It really comes down to student comfort.
The ACT has a science section while the SAT has science concepts (ex. chart and table reading) embedded in other questions.  The SAT is moving to a digital only format for Spring of 2024 while the ACT will continue to offer both paper and on-line options. 

When should a student start taking the ACT or SAT?
WHEN to first test is a personal decision, however, it's advisable students atleast be enrolled in Algebra II or it's equivalent to take the tests. For some students this may be sophomore year and for most, it'll be junior year.  A good suggestion might be a first test in December of Junior year to assess where the student is and create a study and test plan from there.

Taking the ACT test at Kings
For 2023/24, KHS will offer the ACT to Juniors and a Pre-Assessment ACT to Sophomores on February 27, 2024.  Both tests will be in paper format.
This will provide Juniors with an official score and will provide Sophomores with important practice.  Going forward, students will need to select their testing format (paper or on-line) when they register for Saturday ACT's

Review for the ACT
It's advisable that students prepare or take test prep classes in the same format as the test  format they plan to take.  Again, the format is a matter of student choice and comfort.
Attached is a list of ACT Test Prep Resources  including free, on-line and in-person options.

The End Goal Senior year
It is commonly recommended that most seniors have a score they are comfortable with by October of their senior year. This can mean that the September administration of the test is the last they would take in order for scores to be back for the November 1st application deadline for some schools. Some colleges will accept the October test administration for November 1 and December 1 deadlines but the student needs to have their scores sent automatically after testing. Check with each college or university.

If your student tests with Accommodations
Follow these steps.

1. The Student should select "test with accommodations" at time of registration
2. The Student will receive an email titled "ACT Authorization to Release Personal Info". Sign it.
3. KHS School Counselors will receive a request from ACT to submit required documentation to support the approval.
4. The Student/Family will receive a follow-up email if for some reason the school hasn't responded to ACT's request.

Test Prep Resources

 List of ACT / SAT Test Prep Services & Ideas including

"The ACT Big Book" or "Official ACT Prep Guide"

ACT Tips & Tricks plus Links to practice


Test Registration Websites

ACT website   www.myact.orgKings High School CEEB Code: 362-800
Using Kings High School as the test site?  Site Code 228880

SAT website   www.collegeboard.orgKings High School CEEB Code: 362-800