Kings High School


Police & Fire 911
Local Crisis Line:  1-877-695-6333 (NEED)
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255
National Suicide Text Hotline:  text "4Hope" to 741741
Suicide Prevention Coalition of Warren County:  513-695-1695
The Trevor Project (Help for LGBTQ):  1-866-488-7386
Hopewell Crisis Center:  1-800-932-3366
Psychiatric Intake Response Center - Children's Hospital:  513-636-4124
Physical and Sexual Abuse/Neglect:  513-241-5437 (KIDS)
Runaway/Safe Place (Lighthouse Youth Services):  513-961-4080
Domestic Violence (YWCA):  513-872-9259
Drug and Poison Information Center: 1-800-222-1222


If your child or fellow student is at risk for harm to self or others, call 911 or take them to the nearest emergency room. The closest hospital specializing in children under the age of 18 is:

Children's Hospital Liberty Campus, 7777 Yankee Rd., Liberty Township, OH 45044

Response Protocol DURING school hours
- Question: Listen/ask questions. Help child or student feel supported.
- Persuade: Encourage child/student to talk with School Counselor or Hope Squad Advisor
- Refer: If child/student is not willing then notify School Counselor, administrator yourself


Response Protocol OUTSIDE school hours
- Question: Listen/ask questions. Help child or student feel supported.
- Persuade: Encourage child/student to seek help/talk to their parent
- Refer: The student that has been listening to a peer needs to notify their own parent or trusted adult.

Parents/Trusted Adult should
- Attempt to contact the parent of the student one is concerned about
- If parents can not be reached, follow steps listed below to complete a Well Being Check for the student with local authorities
- Please DO NOT email or leave a message with school staff after school hours


Steps to Complete a Well Being Check w/ Local Authorities
1. Call the non-emergency number for our local Police Dispatch
   Warren County Communications Center:  513-925-2525

2. Say that you have concerns about a student/classmate of your child's and that you would like to request a Well Being Check

3. When calling, it is helpful to have the name and address of the student for which you have a concern. If you have incomplete information, share what you know.

4. Police may ask to come to your home or to see details of, for example, a social media post.

5. Police will send someone to the home of the student who the concern is about.

6. Police will assess risk and if they determine the student is at risk of harming themselves/others, they will take that student (or allow the family) to the hospital for an evaluation.

7. Please inform a School Counselor or Hope Squad Advisor of your concerns on the following school day.


Mental Health Resources
(see your School Counselor for a complete list)

Lindner Center of Hope (Mason) 513-536-0536
Beckett Springs (West Chester)   513-457-8321
Tiffany Fread (Mason)  513-521-3175 
New Reflections Christian Counseling   513-404-1212
Mental Health and Recovery Center of Warren County (Solutions)  513-695-1354
The Counseling & Cooperative Parenting Center of Ohio (Glendale/Mason)  513-858-2000
Bradley D. Rubin, L.I.S.W.  513-476-3329

Family Counseling 

Beech Acres Parenting Center (Beechmont Avenue)   513-231-6630
Mason Family Counseling  (Cedar Village Drive)   513-229-7900
Paula Sellars   (Crossgate Lane, Cinti)  513-791-7022
The Counseling & Cooperative Parenting Center of Ohio (Glendale/Mason)   513-858-2000

Substance Abuse

Pathway Family Center  248-443-0105 or 1-800-261-4605 for 24 hour help
Adolescent Substance Abuse Programs, Inc. (Blue Ash) 513-792-1272
Talbert House, Warren County  (Lebanon)  513-932-5677

Eating Disorders

Overeaters Anonymous For Teens (Lebanon, by Countryside YMCA)  513-934-0765 (leave message)
Lindner Center of Hope (Mason) 513-536-0536
Amy Bellamah-Daniel  (Cincinnati) 513-509-1706


Sexual Abuse

Tiffany Rush (Mental Health & Recovery of Warren Co.) 398-2551 (ext. 101)
Abuse and Rape Crisis Shelter  1-888-860-4084


Dealing with Cancer in the Family

Cancer Family Care  (Lebanon)   513-695-2247


Fernside Center for  Grieving Children  513-745-0111
Mending Hearts (Hamilton)  513-896-HELP